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Apr 30, 2022 | From the Desk of Dr. Eston Wenger of Premier Surgical Cleveland

Mom’s and Varicose Veins

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, we’d like to take a moment to put the spotlight on you moms. You’re usually so quick to put the focus on others, taking care of everyone else first, but it’s important to take care of yourself too. And that includes taking care of your veins and vein health.

While varicose veins are common and affect millions of Americans, male and female, women are especially prone to suffer from vein disease and pregnancy is definitely a factor in developing varicose veins. But why are varicose veins more common for women than for men? And what role does pregnancy play in developing vein issues?

Your veins are designed to carry oxygen depleted blood back up to your heart, but when the valves in your legs weaken or become damaged, that blood can pool in your legs causing spider veins and varicose veins and fluctuating hormones could be the culprit! Hormonal changes are a part of life for women and happen during, puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy & menopause. During these changes progesterone levels can dramatically increase and could very well cause this weakening of the valves in your legs.

Other issues during pregnancy can factor into the development of varicose veins. As the fetus grows, it puts increased pressure on the venous system. The increased pressure means that more is required of your veins, especially the veins in your legs, as they push that extra blood up, against gravity. Weight gain during pregnancy (or menopause due to a decrease in progesterone) contributes to added pressure on your veins. All of this extra pressure on your blood vessels can result in the development of varicose veins in your legs.

So listen, Mom, your body has been through a lot. Whether your vein issues were caused by fluctuating hormones, growing tiny humans, caring for others, weight gain, or being on your feet all day, you deserve to give your body some love. It’s time to contact Vein Specialist Dr. Eston Wenger to set up an appointment to treat your vein issues. Give Dr. Wenger, a call at Premier Surgical Associates of Cleveland, TN, at (423) 472-5423 or click here to request an appointment online.

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