Have you or one of your family members developed varicose veins, skin ulcers, or spider veins? Dr. Eston offers superior surgical and non-invasive treatments for varicose veins and unsightly blood vessels in the legs and all parts of the body.  His new treatment strategy can relieve pressure on the veins on the surface of the skin, as well as increase blood flow to deep veins. Dr. Eston uses a new non-invasive laser treatment to treat affected veins. This new treatment works over long periods of time and can even prevent varicose veins from forming, so you can finally stop wearing those uncomfortable compression stockings!


Dr. Wenger completed his B.S. & B.A. at University of Dayton, MD at University of Cincinnati and general surgery residency at Wright State University and has additional training in vascular surgery. Dr. Wenger, his wife and children moved to Cleveland in 2007 to join Surgical Associates.

Dr. Wenger specializes in treating varicose veins, he also performs laparoscopic surgery for gallbladder, appendectomy, diverticulitis, hernia repair, and treats a variety of cancers including breast and colon. From in office surgeries to major surgeries you can also depend on Dr. Wenger to devote all his time and attention making sure you get the complete medical care you deserve.


They Did Surgery on a Grape.

You may have seen headlines, instagram posts, youtube videos, memes, or other forms of social media promoting a grape surgery this past winter. I'd like to speak about those. You see the grape in question did not need surgery, but it was small, delicate, had very thin skin, and if it were sentient, would present a surgeon with a rather complex and dangerous procedure. But it didn't - A. Because it's not sentient B. Because the precision of the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System and the skill of the surgeon operating that system make surgeries like peeling the skin off a grape significantly more safe and effective.

But why should you care? Because I am one of those surgeons trained to utilize the Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System and it's possible that system may be used in your next surgery with me. Still not sure? Watch this video.


 " Have had three surgeries and one procedure in 5 weeks. Wenger cares about his patients and is very professional. Even with a difficult patient."

- Chris Scoggins


"Dr. Wenger a personal choice for my wife and me. I have recommended him to others."

- Mike Boggess