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Jan 23, 2018 | From the Desk of Dr. Eston Wenger of Premier Surgical Cleveland

Get Your Life Back

In 2017, a young man named Ryan complained to his parents about being bullied at his school.  Ryan was born with enlarged ears because of excess cartilage.  At 15, he was known as “dumbo” and “little elf”.  As you can imagine, his parents were crushed after hearing of the emotional pain that Ryan was dealing with at school.  To Ryan, life was and would always be embarrassing and he would always appear unattractive and “gross”.  However, his parents did their research and found a qualified plastic surgeon who could remove the excess cartilage in his ears.  Ryan underwent a simple procedure that changed his life.  


​We all have insecurities no matter what age we are- young or old.  We all have parts of our body that we are not entirely thrilled about showing off. More than 40 million Americans have to live with varicose veins.  Like Ryan explained, the embarrassment and discouragement that come with a condition like this can seem overcoming.  Most people living with varicose veins aren’t aware that a solution is more accessible than they realize.

Today’s medical advancements are absolutely astonishing.  An experienced plastic surgeon can remove or diminish the appearance of varicose veins in a single outpatient procedure.  With the use of lasers and advanced technology, a plastic surgeon can correct most mild to moderate cases of varicose veins without even touching a scalpel.  A patient can expect to arrive the morning of the procedure and to be home that same night feeling much more comfortable in their own skin.


​If you are currently reading this article and you are suffering from the pain or embarrassment of varicose veins, please don’t let the fear of cost deter you.  In fact, many insurances actually cover the procedures mentioned.  ​You can actually do this.  You can get your life back- your confidence back.  Take the first step today by reaching out to your local plastic surgeon about varicose veins and available treatments today.

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