Insurance and Varicose Veins

Insurance is a headache for a lot of people. If you have health insurance, you’re thankful you do when you need it, but getting the insurance agencies to actually follow through seems to be the worst part. The process of getting things approved, sent off, and paid for all while trying to stay healthy can be overwhelming at times.


There are also things that you might need or would like to have done, but insurance simply won’t cover it. Varicose veins is one of those “superficial” or “cosmetic” ailments that oftentimes gets overlooked and brushed off by health insurance companies. However, that can change!


If you truly do suffer from vein disease, insurance companies will cover the expenses needed to rectify the problem if the proper procedure takes place. For example, if a patient comes to me for an initial consultation regarding their spider or varicose veins, a process will begin. 


First, I will help answer all your questions, and will evaluate your situation. Then, I will prescribe you compression socks that you wear as directed for a three month period. After three months, you will be evaluated to see if the socks worked. After that period of time, and without any improvement, insurance will usually cover the further treatment.


So, don’t put off getting your problem resolved because you’re afraid insurance won’t help cover the cost. If you have further questions, we would be happy to help answer them. Give my office a call today!