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Feb 19, 2019 | From the Desk of Dr. Eston Wenger of Premier Surgical Cleveland

The Future Of Varicose Veins Treatment – VenaSeal™ Closure System

If you have been putting off treatment for your varicose veins because of fear of pain and immense discomfort, that theory derived from fear ends now. The new VenaSeal™ Closure System offers patients a nearly painless out-patient procedure. The days of multiple needle pricks are over! Today, I am pleased to be using the new VenaSeal™ Closure System, and I am thrilled to see how it will benefit my patients now and in the future. The VenaSeal™ Closure System released the following statement on their website,


“The VenaSeal™ Closure System is the only non-tumescent, non-thermal, non-sclerosant procedure that uses a proprietary medical adhesive delivered endovenously to close the vein. This unique approach eliminates the risk of nerve injury when treating the small saphenous vein, which is a risk sometimes associated with certain thermal-based procedures. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the procedure is safe and effective. The procedure is administered without the use of tumescent anesthesia, avoiding patient discomfort associated with multiple needle sticks.”


Now that you are aware of the new treatment possibilities, let’s dive in to what you as a patient can expect before, during, and after your varicose vein treatment with the VenaSeal™ Closure System.


What You Can Expect Before, During, & After Your Treatment


Before the VenaSeal™ Closure System Procedure: 


  • Before the procedure takes place, you will have a series of meetings and consultations with me in my office. Together, we will go over the extent of your vein disease and we will discuss the best treatment options for you.


  • After deciding on using the VenaSeal™ Closure System to treat your varicose veins, you will be scheduled to have an ultrasound exam of the leg(s) that is/are to be treated.  This exam is important for assessing the diseased superficial vein and planning the procedure itself. It acts as a roadmap for me during the procedure.


During the VenaSeal™ Closure System Procedure:


After I have sat down with you and explained exactly how the procedure will go, it’s time to begin the treatment. You may still have questions about how much pain, if any, you will experience. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some basic things you can expect during the procedure itself to help put your worries to rest.


  • Initially, you may feel a tiny prick or sting as I access the vein(s) that are being treated during the procedure. The good news is that you can expect only one prick instead of multiple as were customary during varicose vein treatments in the past without using the VenaSeal™ Closure System.


  • As soon as that localized area is numb, I will insert a small catheter into your vein which I will use throughout the procedure. At most, some patients mention feeling pressure when the catheter is being inserted.


  • The catheter will be strategically placed along the vein(s) being treated. Over the course of the procedure, the catheter will deliver small amounts of the medical adhesive. Most patients say this part is seemingly painless. You may feel a tugging sensation as I treat the veins, but no more needle sticking.


  • After the treatment is over, a small bandage will be placed over the initial, small puncture and you will be sent to recovery.


After the VenaSeal™ Closure System Procedure:

You made it! The procedure is over and you are on your way to a more confident, comfortable life without the hassle of varicose veins. After the procedure is over, here are a few things that you can expect.


  • One of my team members will take you to a recovery area immediately after the quick and painless procedure is completed. A few moments later, I will come in and discuss with you how the procedure went and will answer any and all questions you may have.


  • Because this was an out-patient procedure, you will be headed home or back to work in a few minutes! The recovery time varies among patients, but most report going back to normal activities the same day or day after the procedure.


So what are you waiting for? Now that you know what really happens during a varicose veins treatment with the help of VenaSeal™ Closure System, you don’t have to worry about tons of needles, pain, or lifestyle setbacks. Instead, you may be surprised about how incredibly easy this procedure is and how fast you will be back to doing the things that make you happy! Give my office a call today to schedule an appointment where we can discuss if this treatment option is right for you.

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