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Nov 24, 2022 | From the Desk of Dr. Eston Wenger of Premier Surgical Cleveland

Don’t Miss Out

There are so many fun things to do this time of year, like decorating the house, caroling, volunteering, shopping, and baking all of the cookies. With all of these festive activities planned, you’re sure to spend a lot of extra time on your feet. Extra time standing during the day can put added pressure on your veins and lead to pain and swelling in your legs. By putting in place a few easy practices you can help ward off pain and swelling. Being proactive about your vein health means more fun time with family and friends.

Before jumping on your to-do list for the day, be sure to start your mornings by stretching. Stretches that focus on your legs can help relieve aches and pains by strengthening your leg muscles so they can pump blood through your veins more effectively. Certain poses require elevating your legs and the movement of stretching will help get your blood pumping; both will improve your blood circulation. You might be surprised to find how much better your legs feel at the end of the day by incorporating this one, simple habit into your daily routine.

If you aren’t being mindful about staying hydrated throughout the day, your vein health could suffer. Dehydration increases blood viscosity, which makes it more difficult for your body to circulate blood. This can lead to stagnation in your veins and increase your risk of poor venous health.
. Keep a full water bottle with you at all times to remind you to drink up and stay hydrated.

You might be tempted to over exert yourself during this season so you don’t miss out on anything, but taking regular breaks to rest and elevate your legs, especially if you’ve been standing for long period of time, is a must. Find time to take care of yourself by planning breaks throughout the day where you can elevate your legs above your heart for 15 minutes at a time. Elevating your legs will take pressure off of your veins and help relieve swelling.

Managing your varicose vein symptoms can help you feel better, but they aren’t a cure. The best way to relieve your vein pain and swelling is to seek medical treatment with a Vein Specialist like Dr. Eston Wenger of Premier Surgical Cleveland.

No one wants to miss out on all the fun; if your varicose veins are keeping you from enjoying important moments with family and friends, it’s time to call Dr. Wenger, at (423) 472-5423 or click here to request an appointment online.

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